You will need a karate licence if you wish to take grading, attend the training course or enter competitions.


Without a licence, you will not be insured against injury and will not be allowed to practice with a partner during the lesson.


Licences are available from the EKF. See your instructor for details.

Special suit offer (new students only)

Pay for 20 lessons in advance and you will recieve a FREE suit!


Gradings take place regularly (about every 3 months) but you must attend 2 lessons per week to grade. Beginners to 4th Kyu need 24 lessons within a 3 month period to grade.


From 3rd (brown belt) to 1st Kyu (black belt) a minimum of 40 lessons must be obtained within a 6 months period. This is to ensure the best possible standard.

We train at:

Colchester Leisure World

LW Fitness, Colchester

Earls Colne Recreation Centre

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